Rock Points

Welcome to Rock Points! It can’t get more simpler than this:

  • Register
  • Login daily: Get Rock Points
  • Watch Featured Videos: Get Rock Points
  • Visit pages and or links (these change to keep things interesting): Get Rock Points
  • Play some hand-picked games: That’s right, Get Rock Points!

What can you do with these “Rock Points”?

You will receive valuable gifts free of charge! Shipped right to your door free of charge (Within Canada/USA/Mexico). These gift(s) could be a necklace, earrings, or some other valuable gift. These gems are tumbled and polished to the maximum extent possible to give you the shiniest most detailed jewels possible. These stones come from all across the world and most from the places we take you through our videos which makes the experience of joining us on our journey that much more real.

Earn badges as time goes forth and who knows, maybe you get a surprise in the mail!! Everyone likes gifts, especially if there free and take only a little bit of your time in order to get them. Good luck and have fun! Don’t forget to try some games and we even have a few NES games (unfortunately can only be used on pc with keyboard).

Let’s try it out! Are you registered? Logged in? Let’s earn some Rock Points! No need to sign up through the link below, just click it, and if you want to start investing, then enjoy the link! After you have clicked the link, refresh the page and presto!

*Only one Rock Points reward per chosen links. Links changed and updated monthly throughout the site.

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